Directorate of Quality Enhancement
Virtual University of Pakistan
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Functions of DQE are divided into the following two broad categories:
  1. Functions within/outside VU executed as per requirement of HEC (Details...)
  2. Functions within VU for developing quality enhancement culture in VU to continuously improve the quality of education (Details...)
  1. Self-Assessment of programs.
  2. Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE)
  3. Data Collection for ranking by HEC & QS ranking.
  4. Responsible for nominating faculty for best teacher award.
  5. Accreditation of degree programs from respective accreditation bodies.
  6. Planning and organizing international conferences on assessing quality in higher education.
  7. Developing and implementing quality assurance procedures for admission and examination processes.
  8. Involved in ensuring the curricula standards at national & international levels.
  9. Monitoring academic activities through course file development, departmental review meetings and faculty development review committee.
  10. Collaboration with national & international institutions to facilitate students & faculty members leading to signing of MOUs and establishing linkages with educational and research organizations.
  11. Preparation of the annual reports of the university.
  Last Updated: Jun 04, 2024
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