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International Memberships
Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU)
AAOU is an association of open universities of the Asian region. It came into being with the objective to provide and propagate learning opportunities to mankind through friendship and exchange among open higher education universities. Currently AAOU has total 60 members out of which 44 are Full Members while 16 are Associate Members. However, 2 are individual supporting members. It is a matter of pride that Virtual University of Pakistan enjoys a Full Member status with AAOU.

Talloires Network
The Talloires Network is a network of higher education institutions that aims to promote civic sense and social responsibility among the member countries at global level. The good practices at this platform are expected to undergo expansion for collective benefit of the member and non-member institutions. The Talloires network achieves this objective by acknowledging the civic engagement activities of the member institutions, sharing the information by publicizing the resources and tools used for civic activities, assisting member institutions in boosting civic engagement through sponsorship and related measures, and connecting faculty and administrators in the network by arranging events at regional and global level.

The International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE)
ICDE is the leading organization at global level for open, distance, flexible and online education. It enjoys consultative partner status with UNESCO and promotes its key value – the universal right to education for all. ICDE was established in 1938 in Canada with the name International Council for Correspondence Education. It has members from more than 60 countries throughout the world. Its permanent secretariat is in Oslo, Norway, since 1988.

PAN Asia Networking Distance and Open Resources Access (PANdora)
Virtual University of Pakistan is a member of PANdora - a platform created for knowledge and resource sharing among the member institutes in open and distance learning.

Association of Quality Assurance Agencies of the Islamic World (IQA)
The Virtual University of Pakistan has been granted associate membership of IQA on August 31, 2015. This membership is an endeavor to improve the University’s teaching-learning processes in order to achieve the objective of providing quality education to learners. IQA aims to promote and enhance quality higher education in the countries of the Islamic world since its inception on May 4, 2011. Under the QA-Islamic umbrella, the participating agencies and ministries agree to work for quality enhancement in higher education by adopting the Kuala Lumpur Declaration 2009 and the QA-Islamic Constitution.

Open Education Consortium
The Virtual University of Pakistan has become a member of the Open Education Consortium which is a non-profit organization registered in USA and operating across the globe. It is a network of educational institutions, organizations, and individuals that aims to promote innovation, openness, collaboration, and collective development.
The consortium is based on superior values of openness, global focus, equity, collaboration, and multiculturalism. It works for raising awareness, networking & community development, advocacy & advising, capacity building & training, implementation support, and consultancies. It believes in “Empowerment through education” and visualizes that everyone, everywhere has access to high quality educational resources which can be widely shared.

  Last Updated: Jun 04, 2024
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