Directorate of Quality Enhancement
Virtual University of Pakistan
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Distance education, throughout the world, has undergone a transition from teacher-centered to learner-centered approach. This philosophy is wholeheartedly followed by the Virtual University of Pakistan where providing quality education to learners is the top most priority. Directorate of Quality Enhancement (DQE) at Virtual University of Pakistan has been established to improve the quality of its curriculum, infrastructure, teaching-learning strategies, examination, and research in co-ordination with all the functional units.

DQE conducts evaluation of academic programs as per HEC requirement to ensure that they are aligned with international standards. It administers surveys to collect feedback of students, faculty, and employers about quality of education. Moreover, academic audits are conducted periodically to assure the quality of educational and organizational processes.

Our vision to inculcate Quality Assurance in education delivery is in line with contemporary challenges. It can be realized through commitment to exert strenuous efforts in producing quality graduates. We as an integral part of this prestigious institution need to instill in the learners the sense of continuous improvement by providing them education and skills necessary for their personal growth and national development in the broader context.

  Last Updated: Feb 15, 2018
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