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1 HEC Approved Self-Assessment Manual (View/Download)
2 Criteria Referenced Program Assessment (Rubric Form) (View/Download)

Proforma(s) for Students
1 Alumni Survey (View/Download)
2 Teacher Evaluation Form (View/Download)
3 Student Course Evaluation Questionnaire (View/Download)
4 Survey of Graduating Students (View/Download)
5 Research Student Progress Review Form (View/Download)

Proforma(s) for Faculty Members
1 Faculty Course Review Report (View/Download)
2 Faculty Survey (View/Download)
3 Faculty Resume (View/Download)

Proforma(s) for Employers
1 Employer Survey (View/Download)

Proforma(s) for Departments
1 Survey of Department Offering PhD Program (View/Download)

Proforma(s) for QEC
1 Quarterly Progress Report (View/Download)
2 University Ranking Performa (View/Download)
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