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Roles and Responsibilities
Core Activities of Program Team
As per requirement of HEC, a member of Program Team is responsible to perform the following activities:
  • To participate in all training sessions/workshops being organized by QEC for Program Team/(s).
  • To attend all meetings arranged by QEC for Quality Assurance.
  • To provide valuable suggestions about effectiveness and suitability of the Self-Assessment mechanism.
  • To certify that every criterion and standard conceived by HEC in Self-Assessment Manual is properly addressed while developing SAR (Self-Assessment Report) of any program offered by the University.
  • To provide solid and rational justification for any criterion or standard provided in Self-Assessment Manual if not applied/applicable.
  • To provide documentary evidences – where required – while developing SAR. To get related documents/information from different departments, use of proper channel like QEC is must.
  • To work according to timelines devised by QEC so that rest of the activities can be completed in time to meet the deadlines imposed by HEC.
  • To conduct all surveys mandatory for the development of SAR. Further, analyzing the surveys’ results and including analysis in SAR is also a responsibility of program team members.
  • To ensure the security and confidentiality of all the documents and surveys’ results until and unless not publicized by QEC. 

Core Activities of Assessment Team

As per requirement of HEC, a member of assessment team must perform the following list of activities during program evaluation process:

  • To review critically the SAR forwarded by QEC. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches should be used for review according to guidelines provided by HEC.
  • To identify the grey areas in the SAR – if any – for additional appraisal and also to provide solid reasoning for establishing the authenticity of those grey areas.
  • To visit the department and to participate in the meeting when required or arranged by QEC to verify the SAR’s contents or to enhance coordination with other Assessment Team members or with Program Team members.
  • To visit the department to meet HODs for sharing the findings of previous visits and for sharing the experiences.
  • To submit Assessment Report & Rubric Form on the prescribed formats.
  • To provide practical and doable recommendations.

  Last Updated: Jun 04, 2024
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