Directorate of Quality Enhancement
Virtual University of Pakistan
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The emerging trends in higher education need Quality Assurance to achieve the objective of improving quality of teaching and learning processes. The endeavors of Higher Education Commission (HEC) are worthwhile in this regard which emphasize a multidimensional process to address the issue of quality. Quality assurance programs for higher education are based on specific principles, guidelines and benchmarks.

Keeping in view the importance of Quality Assurance in higher education, the Directorate of Quality Enhancement (DQE) has been established at Virtual University of Pakistan for carrying out academic audit, self-assessment, accreditation, and related activities. Since its inception, DQE has been an integral part of the whole system of the University and works in close collaboration with other functional units to realize the University’s vision and mission. The basic objective of DQE is to develop and implement a system for continuous improvement of the overall performance of the University. It serves as an evaluator in the University by identifying and removing deficiencies in processes for achieving excellence in education.
  Last Updated: Jun 04, 2024
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