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One of the major issues confronting higher education in Pakistan is that of quality. The Quality Assurance Agency of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has recommended the establishment of Quality Enhancement Cells (QECs) in all universities and institutes of higher education in order to systematically improve quality in higher education. It is anticipated that over a period of time, establishment of QECs will contribute significantly towards enhancing the quality of Higher Education in a systematic and uniform way across the country.

To comply with the requirement of HEC, Virtual University of Pakistan took a step forward and established Directorate of Quality Enhancement (DQE) under which QEC works. It was established in November 2010. Whereas the Virtual University of Pakistan has been practicing various quality assurance and enhancement procedures since its inception in 2002, the establishment of the QEC to expedite these efforts and allow the University to continuously enhance the quality of its processes and services.
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Summer Boot Camp on Instructional Design in E-Learning
The Directorate of Quality Enhancement (DQE) at Virtual University of Pakistan organized a transformative four-day Summer Boot Camp titled "Instructional Design in E-Learning," held from August 7th to 10th, 202.....
Publish date: 31/08/2023

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